Hannah Marie 

Hannah Marie is a fifth generation Psychic Empath. Gifted with clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience she uses her intuition and Tarot Cards to give readings. Her mother Kimmie Rose  was told two years before Hannah Marie was conceived that she would have a daughter with special gifts.  She was told that her child would be an empath and her purpose was to bring together and teach that we are all equal and that she would be an avatar for those who are judged for their personal choices and would also teach people about oneness. She was told her child would meet great challenges; but, persevere as her intuition grew stronger as she grew and she remembered her purpose.  Her perseverance has held true in many ways because Kimmie Rose had her tubes tied and at age 33 Kimmie Rose had a tubal reversal and with less than a 2 percent chance of conceiving ; Hannah Marie was conceived.  Hannah Marie now gives readings and has lead student walk outs against guns and is deeply committed to transform the world to understand that there is no gender separation. Hannah Marie was born humming.  Her mother Kimmie Rose said “ She was just a few hours old and she was already creating melodic healing sounds and while in the hospital Kimmie Rose saw Jesus and Sai Baba standing next to Hannah Marie's crib. Hannah Marie does readings, attends College and will further her purpose to continue to help causes that are deeply rooted in her heart and give psychic guidance.
Hannah Marie is young, but her Soul is old and full of wisdom. She has helped my boyfriend and I find better ways to communicate

Haley  - Toledo, Ohio
Hannah Marie's reading was on the spot with what was happening in my life and I felt a peaceful sense of clarity after her reading

Dana Wilston  - Clyde, Ohio
Thank you Hannah for helping let go of the past! You are an angel of wisdom and an amazing psychic.

John Emmerson - Ann Arbor, MI 
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