Wake Up Your Intuition eBook

This eBook provides a step-by-step process for waking up and being aware of what is already part of us – we are all intuitive.

Wake Up Your Intuition explains our connection to the source of all things, God, Creator, whatever your personal belief is. It helps the reader understand how this life on earth originates and is not accidental, but a plan. By engaging our thoughts and taking us to a deeper level, we are enabled to reckon with a greater and more spiritual universe than we ever could have imagined, while struggling to find our place in it. And by simply waking up, we suddenly realize that it has been there all along and for infinity.
  • Learn what it really means to “Wake Up”
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  • Discover your purpose and see your future more clearly
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  • Attract harmony and balance into your relationships
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  • Learn to connect with your intuition in five minutes or less
This eBook provides a step-by-step process for waking up and being aware of what is already part of us – we are all intuitive. By implementing the process of waking up and practicing the exercises in this book, we are able to put to sleep that drive that is within us which keeps us searching for success and happiness. By its very nature, that internal drive only delays that for which it seeks; and once it is rendered powerless, our minds open to the vast realm of possibilities. Waking up is the first step. Staying awake requires constant vigilance in our minds to keep the old habits and behaviors at bay. The exercises in the book and in this manual activate and galvanize our senses, sharpening them to the point where our mindfulness and clarity of our purpose become dominant forces in everything we do, say and think. That is the turning point when the things we want in life are naturally attracted to us, and we no longer have to drive ourselves in an elusive search for happiness.

“Waking up” happens to many people naturally and unexpectedly. In my own situation, I have been a student of natural healing, hypnosis and the physical and spiritual aspects of the mind for decades. I have known the principles of enlightenment for years. However, “knowing”, “being” and “staying” enlightened are two different things. One can “know” something is true, but must experience it in order to “be” it.

My own recent experience with death has shown me the way to the true happiness of waking up and staying awake. Several months ago, I had been deeply involved in the affairs of both my personal life and my professional life. Being the mother of five children, I need not describe the complexities of my personal life. I knew the process and understood how to be awake….I fell short of understanding how to STAY AWAKE. Having a near death experience changed me. The things that were once important no longer were important to me. I was shown that the source of God is within us and was given was to “Teach people that we are one.” It is with great joy that I can share this book with you so that you too can live your life AWAKE.

Course Lessons

Kimmie Rose 

Master Hypnotherapist & Certified Instructor thru NATH, Intuitive, Medium, Author, Speaker and Radio Host.
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