Weekly Horoscope 05/24/21 to 05/30/21

Lite The Way
If you are in a relationship this is the perfect week to say everything you have been holding in. Speaking your truth may seem scary as the results can always be unpredictable but you will be surprised with the results and it will only make your relationship stronger. Single Aries go out this weekend and mingle! Your wit and charm is sure to attract everyone you come across so be sure to make plenty of conversation.

You may receive an unexpected call from a former friend or coworker this week. Be sure to answer and try to make plans for the weekend and you will end up meeting new friends and possibly a new love interest as well!

It's time to finally let go of all of the negativity you have been holding onto Gemini whether it be feelings or people who don’t suit your life. It can be hard letting go but once you do you will find a clear and positive path in front of you to follow.

You are feeling very confident this week Cancer so be sure to use this to your advantage! Ask your boss for the promotion or raise you have been wanting, ask your partner for the things you need to grow your relationship or, finally confess your feelings to your crush! The sky is the limit this week so don’t let these opportunities go to waste!

This is the perfect time to spice up your love life or lack thereof Leo. If you are in a relationship plan an adventurous date to keep the fun and romance alive. If you are single ask friends to set you up on a blind date with someone they believe is a good match and be sure to stay open-minded, the results of this date will pleasantly surprise you.

You have some big decisions to make this week Virgo. Be sure not to rush or you may end up making the wrong one. Call a trusted friend or family member to weigh the pros and cons. Entrusting in someone else's opinion will put your mind at ease and make you feel more confident in your final decision.

This has been a long and exhausting week for you Libra. Your first thought may be to go out and drink the week away but it's better to take the weekend to stay in and pamper yourself. Take a long hot bubble bath, read the books you haven’t had time to read, or go for a relaxing walk in nature and you will be able to start next week with a fresh outlook on life.

An ex may try to come back into your life this week Scorpio. As tempting as it is to play into their charms be sure to remember the reasons you broke up in the first place. Running back or entertaining them will end up causing a tornado effect in your life just when you have found some peace.

You may be feeling betrayed by someone you considered a trusted friend this week. Don’t jump to conclusions as everything is not always what it seems. Take a few days to calm down so you don’t do or say anything out of anger. Once you have calmed yourself reach out to them and ask them to sit down and talk it through. The situation may have been taken out of context and can be explained or that friendship may have run its course. Either way, you will get some closure.

Don’t let everyone else's cloudy moods rain on your parade this week Capricorn. You are feeling extremely optimistic about life lately so be sure to tune others out and embrace this feeling. You can use all of this positive energy to manifest some amazing things for yourself so be sure to not let others ruin it!

You had big plans this weekend to stay home and veg out in front of the television when a friend calls and invites you out. Say yes! A fun-filled night awaits you and whether you know it or not you need it! Put on your best outfit and hit the town! You won’t regret it!

This week has you reminiscing and leaves you with a lot of questions and what-ifs. It's tempting to re-live these experiences but try to keep in mind what's done is done. It is time to finally let go or you will find yourself stuck in the same place never able to move forward.
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