Weekly Horoscope 05/03/21 to 05/09/21

Lite The Way
This is the week to come out of that shell Aries! You are full of ideas and things to say so don’t hold back people are finally ready to hear what you have to say. 

This week may have you feeling a little unappreciated Taurus. Reach out to a friend or family member and vent out your frustrations or you may find yourself unintentionally taking them out on people you care about. 

This is the week to completely focus on yourself and your goals Gemini. The energy you are putting out this week is perfect for manifesting exactly what you want to figure out what that is and go for it! 

This week may prove to be exhausting Cancer. You are always there to lend a listening ear but sometimes it is okay to take a break. Self-care is very important or you will find yourself completely drained. 

People will show you their true colors this week Leo so be sure to pay attention! Remove any toxic relationships or relationships that don’t reciprocate your generosity. 

The is the perfect week to meet new people Virgo! You are feeling confident and outgoing this week so don't let it go to waste! 

Your emotions are all over the place this week Libra. Take a long walk and enjoy nature or meditate to truly ground yourself and balance your energy back out. 

Your head is in the clouds this week Scorpio. Daydreaming is nice but is sure to keep one foot in the real world or you will find yourself completely off track. 

You are full of energy this week Sagittarius and you need to take full advantage. Tackle the projects you have been putting off or finally schedule that get together with the friend or family member you haven’t made time for. A conversation mid-week may leave you feeling uneasy, respond with kindness and the controversy will pass. 

This is not the week to make any major decisions Capricorn. You are emotional this week which will only lead to irrational choices. Any major decisions can wait until next week when your head is clear. 

Romance is in the air for you this week Aquarius! Single Aquarius don't miss the opportunity to go out with friends and meet new people or you could miss meeting that special someone! Attached Aquarius it's time to spice things up with your partner, plan a spontaneous date or get creative and do something out of your comfort zone and watch the sparks fly! 

Your week may begin with some conflict Pisces and you may feel pressured to take sides in an argument. Try to stay neutral and out of the drama as much as possible. Engaging in the drama will cost you down the line when the conflict is finally resolved.
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