Weekly Horoscope 04/12/21 to 04/18/21

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Horoscope for Week of 04/12


Stop constantly questioning yourself Aries and learn to trust your intuition. You have so many great ideas so why are you constantly second-guessing yourself? This is the perfect week to trust your gut and share your ideas with someone whether it be your boss, a friend, or a family member you will be surprised how excited they are to help.


Romance is in the air for you this week Taurus! If you are in a relationship do something to show your significant other how much you care and appreciate them and it will bring you closer.
If you are single don’t hold back! Introduce yourself to someone new or build up the courage to finally tell your crush how you feel about them, you will be pleasantly surprised at the results!


It's time to stop holding back Gemini. You know exactly what you want so why do you keep preventing yourself from getting it? This is the perfect week to go for it whether it be a career, major life choices, or even romance! Let go of your fears!


Cheer up Cancer! You have been feeling down in the dumps lately and can’t seem to shake the feeling. Take a walk in the park and enjoy nature, join a club or class or simply go out on the town with a friend. Sitting around wallowing is only making it worse.


This is going to be an amazing week for you Leo! Luck is in your corner and everything is going your way. This is the perfect time to go for the promotion, pitch your idea to your boss or finally strike up the courage to talk to the person you have had your eye on. Do not hold back!


A major life decision may come up this week Virgo. You do not have to make this decision alone, call a trusted friend or family member to discuss your options. You will find their advice to be extremely helpful in making the decision that best suits you.


Look Libra we love shopping as much as the next person but your spending has been out of control lately. Time to slow down and sit down and take a good hard look at your financial situation. Instead of spending your money on material items why not save up for a cool trip?


Stop overthinking everything Scorpio! Your mind is running a million miles a minute later and you can’t seem to slow it down. Instead of obsessing over every little thing trust your intuition and the universe and things will eventually fall into place.


It’s time to finally let go of your past that has been holding you back Sagittarius. Meditate, talk to a counselor or a spiritual advisor and learn to let go and amazing things will begin to naturally manifest for you.


Slow down and smell the roses Capricorn. Your life has been a constant whirlwind lately, you are busy we get it but if you don’t slow down you will burn out and be completely useless. Take some time for yourself. Take a bubble bath, read a book or take a walk in the fresh air. A time out will keep you refreshed and able to continue to tackle your crazy life.

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