A Message From Kimmie Rose 

You have a purpose

When you realize that all the “stuff” you thought you needed , you don’t.  During this time we will “go within – review and understand what we have now- without having to create more.  But, to work with what we have now we embrace a clear sense of our self and our purpose. Knowing who we are, why we are here, and having a vision for how we can live that purpose is a significant key to a rewarding and fulfilling life.

So first we must be comfortable in our self…..and know this comes first…..our Souls path.  It is that which we came to experience.  When we recognize the experiences as knowing a part of ourselves we become comfortable in our own skin.  It shifts us to “trust our self and commit to loving yourself in a new way” it is this awareness that is the vehicle that takes us on the journey of our Soul Mission.


Your soul mission is not so much something you do, but rather is the energy or passion that drives everything you do. Getting clear about your soul mission streamlines your energy and focus so that you can make the difference you feel called to make. Living your soul mission is the greatest gift you have to give to others and, at the same time, is the path of your greatest lessons. To identify your soul mission is to identify your greatest potential.

When you hear the inner voice say “ I am ready to do this” a knowing comes that you will be supported by what you need.  In short, you are now crystal clear about yourself…..this clarity is like a magnet that allows you to draw in divine inspiration and reflect the Prism of opportunities, connections and faith……


Truly, to be a Prism of Light is to trust that nothing has happened to you that wasn’t a learning lesson ….to move into knowing yourself better and clearer.

            Kimmmie Rose 

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