I am Candace, and I am a light-worker here to help guide you on your journey with love to your desired destination. Sometimes we go threw things in life and just want a little help pushing forward to the greatest version of ourselves. I use tarot and oracle along with my guides to provide you with clarity in your situation. Being an empath also allows me not only to understand you, but to connect to the emotions of you and the situation being presented at this time in your life. My journey is never ending so no question is judged for I believe in growth being, not just a stage, but a life style of evolvement to the higher you. I am here with a mission to help spread the love to all ends of the universe as I travel with my star family. I am not just your tarot reader, I am your friend. I have a genuine love for all places and things and I definitely have all the love for you !

As a kid things happen to you that you don’t understand and you just consider them normal. Seeing 11:11 constantly, dreams that came true, being able to control your dreams, bed vibrating, window blinds popping open by themselves, having a “knowing” that something was about to happen. Also crying a-lot because you felt as if you didn’t belong “here”. I loved the sky.…That was me. (Now that I think of it, when I was in college, someone gifted me by naming a star after me)When I was 25 I did a girls night and the next morning one of them called me to ask me if I was going through something. She asked this based on how she felt and the simple things I had in my home like candles and the colors in my rug. She asked me why I chose to buy the rug. I said, I liked it. She informed me that the rug resembled the chakra colors. She then told me that I was a witch healer…I’m like “huh?” But yet it sounded familiar as if I knew that already. We continued to talk for 3 hours. Then Pregnant at 26, I went through a very hard time in my life. One night I broke down and cried and prayed for help. I didn’t pray often. The next morning I had remembered a sequence of numbers in my dream overnight and I looked them up. The numbers referenced that my prayer were heard. That’s when I started to give in to the idea that something was going on. I started getting tarot readings to try to understand what was happening to me. Then I started hearing things upon waking up from sleeping. One time it was a date…months out. The other time I dreamed of a different date. Both dates turned out to be very significant to me. From then on I knew I loved this. I always said it’s cool but I wouldn’t get into tarot or anything like that. Then one night I woke up hearing “do tarot, do tarot, do tarot”.  And before I could even buy my own deck, it was gifted to me by a friend.
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